Welcome to the Pomme de Terre Chamber

The Chamber at a glance…

The Lake Area Chamber of Commerce had its humble beginnings as the Pomme de Terre Lake League. This organization was formed by businesses around the lake to promote tourism. For several years the members would travel to Kansas, Iowa, Oklahoma and St Louis, Mo. to attend sport and boat shows to showcase the beautiful Lake Pomme de Terre. At these events they would talk to thousands of attendees trying to convince them that there was a “naturally peaceful” lake for the family. There was not the traffic on land or water as there was with some of the other Ozark reservoirs. A place where you and your family felt safe and could just spend time together enjoying the outdoors and water sports.

After a while there was a need for the League to expand. The entire area was beginning to benefit from the tourism the Lake was drawing in. Soon, the members formed what is now the Pomme de Terre Lake Area Chamber of Commerce. We not only promote the Lake but all of our member businesses as well in order to showcase what Hickory County has to offer. Our members are a mix of lifelong residents, retirees who have opened a business in a small community or others who have found a wonderful life moving here from other parts of the Country. What we have found is that Hickory County, Missouri is a great place to live, raise our families and have fun with our business.

As a Chamber, we have a responsibility to help promote new business in this region. We are always looking for businesses to move in and help promote a job market for the residents of this fine area. Many of these residents commute over 100 miles each day to other areas to work. In 2004, State Representative Larry Wilson, promoted legislation to award Hickory County two empowerment zones. These zones are for a business who will employ a certain number of full time workers that are residents of Hickory County. As a reward, the State of Missouri will abate the companies state income taxes through the year 2014. This important piece of legislation passed, and is now available to any company looking to expand its current operation or, for one looking to move here. We are all interested in helping the economical development of this County. Not just now, but for the future of our children and their families to come.

Some of the other benefits of bringing your business here are our fine schools, our friendly neighbors, low taxes and a willing work force. All that is missing is your business. What more could you ask for? Don’t forget what got us to this point. Naturally peaceful, Lake Pomme de Terre at your back door. Come and visit. You just may stay for a lifetime.